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Who are we?

Established over 20 years ago, we are the leading software provider for the food and horticultural business, with extensive experience of fresh and chilled perishable produce, and horticultural products of every kind. We are a team of dedicated experts in our field, and we understand the common needs of operators at every stage of the supply chain. With offices on three continents, and customers across the globe, we can help you wherever you are.


What is Prophet?

Prophet systems are a state-of-the-art integrated family of Windows, Web and Mobile based software solutions for businesses that supply fresh and frozen perishable food and horticultural products.


Why select Prophet?

We understand that perishable food businesses are different. They are complex, fast moving, and risky. Freshness drives the supply chain to deliver product from field to store as quickly as is possible - it's not just-in-time simply because the customer demands it. Prophet has developed software that adapts to these demanding and ever-changing businesses.

Prophet brings together years of industry expertise and continuous investment in the specific functionality demanded by perishables businesses. This, allied to our large concentration of users supplying perishable foods, fresh produce, chilled and horticultural products, allows us to offer real, proven value.


A Relationship with Prophet

By working closely with our users, we also recognise that each and every one of them is different. Our objective is to drive down your costs and help you deliver better margins through complete and immediate control.


Profit with Prophet

Every single thing we do at Prophet aims to improve the profitability of our customers. Our objective is to drive down your costs and help you deliver better margins through complete and immediate control. By providing a flexible, cost-efficient and trustworthy solution to your customer's requirements, we can safeguard your business's performance and reputation.

We make sure our customers don't just get the benefit of a software solution when they join the Prophet club. They also sign up for a solution that is guaranteed to evolve with their industry.

Prophet's experienced technical team is constantly using its broad industry intelligence to update and upgrade our products, and every user with an annual license automatically shares the benefit of every upgrade free-of-charge.

As our user base expands in countries around the world, the scope of our software is being increasingly globalised, while always reflecting the particular needs of each national marketplace.

And our rapid-response customer service department is available 24-hours a day throughout the year. Wherever you are in the world, we will deal with your enquiry or problem immediately and efficiently.

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