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Prophet - PROPACK

Prophet's ProPack software is specifically tailored to provide an economical, low cost of ownership solution to the grower / packer / shipper sector of the produce industry.

Whilst being a finance-centric system, ProPack is fully integrated, containing functionality to cover all facets of the US domestic industry: inventory management, sales, shipping, and grower settlement accounting. There is traceability throughout the system, with PTI standards fully catered for, and PTI compliant tagging facilities currently in use with regional and national retailers.

The system works in real time, providing users with the up to date information needed to manage their activities effectively and profitably. Functions such as on-the-dock shipping, product locating, inventory transfers, and product searches can also be deployed to RF handheld devices to ensure that front line users have the tools that they need.

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ProPack is written in leading edge technologies -, running over a Microsoft SQL database, allowing open connectivity to applications and devices that are in use within your organization. The software is fully configurable, and can be customized to meet your specific business needs.



Real-time Sales Availability - Access real-time information on inventory, forecast, production, orders and availability. Commit product on-the-fly with ProPack Order Pad's clipboard-like functionality.

Dynamic Sales Reporting - Manage sales information in powerful Data Cubes with pivot table flexibility. Quickly add, subtract and rearrange fields while dynamically updating results.

Comprehensive Season-to-Date Reports - Represent sales from multiple perspectives: grower, customer, and marketer.

Customer Profiles - View a snapshot of pertinent customer information with drill-down capabilities. Quickly see AR balances, ratings, contact information as well as a full list of orders sorted by status or invoice number.

Grower settlements

Pooling - Define pools by commodity and variety, subdivided into size, product style, and grade, run across a total season or a specific period. Make interim pool payments, transfer between pools, and print checks directly from settlement process.

Lot Liquidations - Designate product of differing commodities, varieties, growers and dates into groups or 'lots'. Settle based on actual order pricing as sold (traditional) or as received (imports). Share expenses across products within the lot, or allocate to specific growers or products.

Account of Sale - Select invoices for settlement by invoice, grower, variety, field, and ship date. Return net order price less grower expenses and report at the level of detail required. Provide informative reviews to growers via extensive season-to-date reporting and grower statements.

Joint Venture - Allocate profits across multiple investors/owners/grower easily, while distributing shared expenses.

Warehouse management

Real-time Shipping Desk - Manage all shipping traffic in one place. Get a dynamic view of orders by warehouse location with status, inventory availability, loading manifests, order information and shipment functions in a single window.

Truck Status - Easily update the shipment status of orders by entering ETAs, Check-In, Load Start, and Check-Out times to alleviate the repetitive phone calls.

Inventory Locating- Track movement of inventory throughout your warehouse, run comprehensive inventory reporting with real-time locations, and stage orders more efficiently.

Manifest Receiving - Import thousands of inventory records in a second using customizable spreadsheet formats, with the ability to forecast and post inventory from a single set of records. Manage external data easily with unlimited sorting and filtering options.